Development and execution of the Campus Strategy to ensure facilities and infrastructure are available to effectively and efficiently meet the requirements of the current and future mission.

Long term land planning and stewardship integrated with the science strategy and proposed development by adjacent local municipalities.

Planning, design, and construction of the conventional facility project portfolio using project management principles and tools, funded as General Plant Projects (GPPs), Science Laboratory Infrastructure, grants, and third parties.

Investigating and preparing plans to pursue non DOE funding for fulfillment of the Campus Strategy.

Assessing and strengthening readiness of facilities and infrastructure through facility consolidation and demolition, maintenance & repair processes and procedures assessments, and enhancements of IT based service platforms.

Participating in the Campus & Facility Planning Board and development of support material.

Assuring that Laboratory Leadership, DOE Fermi Site Office, and the Fermi Research Alliance Board of Directors are informed on infrastructure readiness issues, and on progress for implementation of the campus strategy.

Overseeing the Facilities Engineering Services Section including the laboratory Property Management System.